Today's sites are different

It is advisable for absolutely all the companies to be represented online these days. But without real professionals, like Dallas TX web design company, it's impossible to achieve good results.

First websites

If we look back at the past we'll see that about 15 years ago it was enough to be represented online. Websites were simple and it was enough to have a structure that was not complicated at all. Not complicated structure means static content, dark background and an icon that counted the number of visitors in the corner. It means that xcart customization was not necessary at all. Website simply represented a company online; it used to be some kind of a business card.

Up-to-date websites

But today 2.0 web is extremely widespread. But today, ajax web design is used to create nice interfaces and make a site appealing. Sites have large fonts and bright icons, there are also big buttons and clutter has been simplified. As you can see, today's sites are different. They have become more attractive and user-friendly. Users get a lot of pleasure when visiting them and their experience is enhanced.


The following survey, which was held by Dallas TX web design company, proves the importances of online presence nowadays.

Tips on websites

What is a the difference between good and bad website? The main points are:

  • website address (domain)
  • website design, business cards
  • the quality of the content
  • usability (ease of use)
  • functional
  • stability
  • optimization

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